What does artist rating stand for?

Published on : 16 December 20204 min reading time

To evaluate the market value of a work of art, the talent and price of an artist, or also his influence, the quotation plays an important role. This determining factor is of paramount importance to amateurs, professionals, and art collectors. However, many people are still unaware of what exactly the artist’s quotation means. This is what we will discover through this article.

Artist’s Quote: Definition

Paintings, sculptures, drawings, manuscripts, or even photographers, some works of thousands of euros. This is the case of “Salvador Munid” by Leonardo da Vinci, who in 2017 obtained a record price of 450 million dollars. Nevertheless, others cost only hundreds of euros, depending on the artist’s price. Subjectivity prevails in this artistic field.

This estimate is used in the development of masterpieces to attract corresponding buyers and know their appreciation. It is, therefore, an indicator, at a precise moment, which is necessary during sales, a way to evaluate the designer and his works. This allows finding the ideal place of the latter on the market. No artist will want to sell his work below his estimate. To have your work appraised, it is best to call on Mr Expert!

How to evaluate the quotation of an artist?

Several factors come into play to define the inequalities that exist between the different artist’s ratings. These may be the artistic value or influence of a piece of art with the public and professionals, the trends of the time, the artist’s career, etc.

Speaking of value, it is possible to evaluate artistic creation according to its aesthetics, authenticity, originality, legitimacy, etc. To these criteria is added the number of exhibitions made by the artist. According to the laws of supply and demand, these parameters certainly impact its price, which is also part of the basis of the rating.

What is the purpose of an artist’s rating?

It is important to understand that the sales score may not be the same in different cities, just like that of a work bought at an exhibition and procured in a studio. The artist’s rating serves as an indicator and reference in terms of notoriety. It constitutes the success of the designer of the art object, which sometimes follows the recognition of other artists, collectors, dealers, experts in the field, and especially the public. A renowned artist, who has a higher rating, can sell his works at the best prices and live in true comfort.

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