Precious jewelry: which materials are the most expensive?

Whether you want to sell your jewelry or to acquire others, knowing their market price is necessary. Also, when receiving an inheritance or registering with an insurance company, appraising and valuing valuable jewelry becomes a common practice. It is a way for you to know its market value. What types of materials are the most expensive?

Two main materials in jewelry

Apart from the quality of its manufacture and the number of hours spent to shape it, the value of a jewel depends mainly on the rarity and particularity of the materials used. There are two categories: metal and stone. Many gems can be found designed with only a specific kind of metal, or by combining it with one or more gemstones. The market value of a jewel will then be calculated according to its raw materials. This is the reason why it is necessary to appraise a valuable jewel.

Which metal is considered the most precious?

In the field of jewelry, three metals considered to be precious are frequently used: gold, silver, and platinum. For good reason, they are both resistant and malleable. Of these three metals, gold is considered to be the most precious. With "Au" as the chemical symbol (aurum in Latin), it is directly associated with a noble character. For good reason, it is a rare metal that is recognized worldwide and has immense economic value. For many centuries it has been the universal symbol of wealth. It can be distinguished in several types such as yellow gold or white gold and whose purity is measured in carats. These are the reasons why you should have a valuable piece of jewelry appraised and valued.

Gems in the world of jewelry

Among the most prized natural stones for jewelry design are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. The earth can provide many kinds of stones as well as gems that can be precious or semi-precious. Diamond has held the leading position for thousands of years. It distinguishes itself from others by its rarity, its color, and especially by its hardness. Jewelry made from diamonds is often the object of particular covetousness by lovers of precious jewelry. However, take the time to appraise and estimate a valuable piece of jewelry before buying or selling it.
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