French empire mantel clocks

Collectible timepieces: French empire mantel clocks in the modern era

In the grand tapestry of horological history, few items stand as evocatively as the French Empire mantel clock. These ornate timepieces, often adorned with artistry reminiscent of the epoch of Napoleon and the resurgence of classical motifs, are more than…

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How do you recognize an antique pot?

Today, vases are little more than containers for flowers, they have many uses in modern culture. In history, pots have a great place for mankind, especially for their uses and designs. Antique vases are made from a variety of materials, including porcelain and glass. While some people have attempted to reproduce antique vases and pass them off as rare collectibles. An antique vase appraisal is expensive, the original works of art have specific characteristics that you can use to tell if they are indeed ancient. How to know an antique object? For years there has been a debate about what an antique is. Some say that…

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How and with whom to entrust your antique artwork’s appraisal?

At first glance, an antique piece of art is an important object for those who love to collect or resell old objects. However, the estimation of it depends on whether it is true or false. In this case, how to…

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Reflection on the conservation and restoration of works of art

To question the object is also, beyond its form or meaning, to question time – our relationship to origin, past or future. Nowhere, however, is this question more crucial than in the act of conserving or restoring the art object:…

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Restoring pictorial artworks in a few steps

The state of conservation of the painted works varies greatly from one to another. Here is a complete program that will allow you to undertake any type of restoration. Learn how to restore the beauty and brightness of colors! Dust…

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