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Connecting Communities Through Art

Connecting Communities Through Art: The Social Role of Galleries

The conventional perception of an art gallery has long been that of hushed spaces where silence reigns and the art speaks only to those willing to listen closely. However, the role of galleries has been evolving. No longer just silent sanctuaries of art,…

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Contemporary paintings

Where to find a selection of french impressionist paintings?

French impressionist painting is a philosophy developed in France by a small group of artists in the19th and it is characterized on experimentation of painting on the spot based how the scenery was. Over time, impressionist painters have influenced the…

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Succession and inheritance: how to call in an expert to evaluate valuables?

The inheritance of a property between heirs can be a major source of conflict in case of unequal sharing. Successors must evaluate the property and objects left by the deceased. In case of doubt about the valuation or value of…

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Precious jewelry: which materials are the most expensive?

Whether you want to sell your jewelry or to acquire others, knowing their market price is necessary. Also, when receiving an inheritance or registering with an insurance company, appraising and valuing valuable jewelry becomes a common practice. It is a way for you to know its market value. What types of materials are the most expensive? Two main materials in jewelry Apart from the quality of its manufacture and the number of hours spent to shape it, the value of a jewel depends mainly on the rarity and particularity of the materials used. There are two categories: metal and stone. Many gems can be found designed with only a specific kind of metal, or by combining it…

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What does artist rating stand for?

To evaluate the market value of a work of art, the talent and price of an artist, or also his influence, the quotation plays an important role. This determining factor is of paramount importance to amateurs, professionals, and art collectors. However, many people are still unaware of what exactly the artist’s quotation means. This is what we will discover through this article. Artist’s Quote: Definition Paintings, sculptures, drawings, manuscripts, or even photographers, some works of thousands of euros. This is the case of “Salvador Munid” by Leonardo…

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How to restore a work of art?

Works of art, whether they are sculptures, paintings or any other valuable object, are generally fragile and must be handled with care. However, an accident can happen quickly. A fall or fire can destroy a work of art or even…

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