How to restore a work of art?

Works of art, whether they are sculptures, paintings or any other valuable object, are generally fragile and must be handled with care. However, an accident can happen quickly. A fall or fire can destroy a work of art or even an entire collection. This is why it is advisable to choose a suitable insurance policy in case of damage. In continuation here is how to restore a work of art in case of damage caused on it.

Art restoration

Despite all the preventive measures that can be taken to protect a work of art, it can fall during a move or be damaged by fire. Fire is one of the disasters that can cause the most damage. Indeed, paintings, sculptures, etc. can be directly damaged by fire, smoke or water from firefighters. To restore a work of art, it is therefore advisable to first entrust it to a specialized expert. His know-how and mastery of restoration techniques will enable him to save the work if it is still possible. Among art restorers, some are specialized in the restoration of paintings, others in the restoration of sculptures, others in the restoration of antique furniture, etc. It is therefore advisable to choose the restorer best suited to the work of art to be restored. The specialized restorer will then determine the procedure to follow according to the level of degradation of the work and the material of the work (wood, glass, steel, etc.). If the artwork has been damaged by fire, he will start by dusting it off with an exfoliating scrub. Then, if necessary, he will be able to graft pieces to repair tears or breaks. His objective: to respect the nature of the work and its history in order to restore it to its owner as it was originally.

Why choose restoration

When a work of art is insured, it is possible to obtain full compensation or to opt for its restoration. The restoration of a work of art can also be covered by the insurance. Choosing restoration rather than compensation is primarily an emotional choice. This work which has been part of the life of its owner and perhaps even of his family for several generations has a real emotional value. Moreover, the work of art is a witness to a period of history or a culture that should be helped to cross eras.
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