Interior renovation of your house: the tips

Need a fresh start to radically change your interior? But before opting for a complete or piece by piece makeover, come and get inspired by our most beautiful ideas of makeover decoration...

Repainting a staircase to give it a makeover

Is your wooden staircase getting tired? It has aged badly? It could use a makeover! It is possible to transform an old-fashioned staircase into a decorative staircase. Without ruining itself and without big works! From the washing powder to the adhesive, through the sandpaper, all the steps are explained to pimp your staircase. Enough to give a new look to the space of this house!

Wooden stairs: different ways to make it a decorative asset

The staircase is part of the secondary spaces (too) often neglected in our interiors. If it is declined today in waxed concrete, metal, glass and even natural stone, it remains for many of us inseparable from wood. Naturally warm, the wooden staircase is capable of embracing completely different atmospheres - from the charming family home of 1900 to the city loft. And it is surely thanks to its adaptability that it is unmistakable even in new buildings. Just let your creativity speak for itself and you will be able to enhance the contours of an ash or oak staircase. Leaning against a colorful wall, the steps reveal their natural ribbing - when a designer banister gives a whole new look to the way up to the floor. Creative options (and many more) that unveil the decorative potential of wooden stairs.

Living room-dining room decoration: creating harmony

Succeeding in the decoration of your living room-dining room requires a little reflection. The living room must be composed as a whole, not as a space where two independent areas cohabit. To create a beautiful harmony between the living room and the dining room cannot be improvised, it is necessary to study the colors, the most adapted materials. One can determine reference colors and stick to them, or choose to spice up each space with nuanced notes. A successful ambiance can also be the result of assumed contrasts between wood and metal. Inspiration with these 15 living and dining rooms staged by the pros.
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