How to become an art restorer?

To become an art restorer, you must first and foremost be passionate about the arts and their history. Indeed, your role is to bring back to life works that have been damaged or that have endured the passage of time. The works to be restored are not only paintings, you may specialize in furniture, books, or monuments.

What are the skills of an art restorer?

To become an art conservator, you will need to acquire skills during your training, such as :
  • knowledge of previously used techniques
  • the mastery of these techniques
  • very good knowledge of art history

What are the qualities to become an art restorer?

Many qualities are required to practice this passionate profession: meticulousness for delicate works patience, restoration work can take months to complete passion for the arts Listening to other professions: curators, historians, etc. artistic facilities etc. What studies to become an art restorer? To become a conservator, you will generally follow training in art, sometimes coupled with training in history. This is usually done in art schools.

How much does an art restorer earn?

The salary of restorers will depend on your status. A civil servant conservator will start by earning approx 1,600 euros and will evolve according to the civil service scale. An independent restorer will receive the same starting salary and will evolve towards a salary of 3 to 4,000 euros.

What are the career paths of an art conservator?

Career development in the field of art restoration is done according to the civil service grid for civil servants and can be done more quickly for freelancers. To do so, you will need to build a reputation and show your skills. If your work is recognized, you can easily work with several clients.
Understanding the differences between maintenance, conservation and restoration
What types of tasks is the art restoration worker involved in?

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