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It's about more than decoration

Decorating one’s home can be a desire, a joy, a hope for better days. Anyone can improvise and improve his/her home’s interior design. Moreover, it is indeed a field where creation and imagination are required in the foreground. Furthermore on

Thinking about function first

Thinking about function first

It all starts with a logical arrangement of the rooms. Start by identifying your spatial needs and knowing how you want to use your home.

Thinking about storage space

Thinking about storage space

To optimize the space, you must first of all be able to store your things. It is therefore imperative to create a maximum amount of storage space in your home.

Thinking about circulation

There’s nothing worse than a room where you can’t walk around. Know that a successful interior design is an interior design that you understand at first glance.


Thinking about the light

You can have the most beautiful decoration in the world, if you don't light it properly it won't work!

Empty spaces are important

Think about letting your room breathe. Leave empty areas for the eye to rest. Don't overload your rooms!

Vary ceiling heights

To give a little relief to your interior, it is important to play with the heights under the ceiling.

Think carefully about every piece of furniture

You've seen the table of your dreams in store. But are you sure that it is suitable for the room where you want to install it?

Decorate according to your tastes

The decoration of a house must above all be imagined by, with and for its inhabitants!

Materials are important!

In addition to the general look of the decoration, a particular material or component may be more showcased than others.

How about bringing your antique furniture back to life?

For a beautiful interior, nothing better than an antique piece of furniture! Obviously, you still need to know how to restore it to its former beauty and charm. Having the eye to find the rare piece hidden behind a 50s orange paint or a slightly decrepit varnish is always good. Giving it a second life is even better! Fortunately for you, there are experts like Mr Expert and others that give us their tips and tricks to recognize antique pieces of furniture, appraise and restore them in the best way possible.

Interior design is an art, a profession!

Interior design is an art that is the subject of a science that is studied specifically in schools of Fine Arts or Architecture. It is a profession in its own right which, ranging from consulting to mastery of work, is experiencing a growing demand.

Picking the righ style is crucial!

Interior design's most common styles

The classic styles

The classic styles

Conservatives, nostalgics or simply those who appreciate the values of the past can adopt classical and baroque styles.

Contemporary styles

Contemporary styles

The most recent style is the contemporary decoration that characterizes the modern house very accentuated by the design.

The factory style

The factory style

The factory style inspired by industrial civilization favors the choice of coarse materials such as metal, iron, wood…

There's no typical interior design!

The current trend is for the interior to be personalized to its occupant so that it is an extension of his/her personality and becomes his/her little universe. Thus, the typical interior is no longer recommended, on the contrary, one gives free rein to invention and composition. The interior decoration must reveal the taste, reflect the character and lifestyle of the person.